25 things I love about SLT

See also: 25 Things Carly Payne Loves about SLT (http://carly-payne.blogspot.com/2010/08/25-reasons-i-love-slt.html) She’s my twin so she blgos, I blog. 🙂

1. I do not go one day without talking to one of my SLT friends. They are scattered across the conference like little bits of glitter in each of their home churches. It makes me sad that they live far away from me, but that makes it like Christmas when I see them.

2. SLT is where I met Carly Allison Payne. I am pretty convinced that God saw me and Carly and said “Goodness gracious. I better put one of them in Glen Rose and the other in Arlington. They’re too crazy.” and then he was like “They’re exactly the same. Time to be best friends. Break out the dumpster donuts and jazzberry jam crayons.” It was probably something along those lines. We’re twins. For more elaboration click on our “wall-to-wall” It’s basically a blog in itself.

3. Our adults! Ahhh! Our SLT has some of the BEST coordinators and whatnot in the world. They are really great about helping us out when we need it and making sure we still get to be in control of what’s happening. They keep us from doing things that are too crazy, but when we say “we want a slip-n-slide” they say “Sounds like fun!” It can be really intimidating to approach adults in the church and try and be a part of what is happening, but our adults always make me feel more confident when I’m talking to other people.

4. Explaining what SLT is. WHen people ask me what my facebook/twitter is always blowin’ up about. I get to explain what SLT is, and what it is to me, personally. And I like that.

5. Rules of Order…Who’s Robert? We try to do things right, orderly and politely. But with me and Carly at the front of the room, we can only do so much. What I love about this is that something happens even though we have people saying “I motion…” before half the things they say and our secretary is drawing clowns. 🙂

6.Running Midwinter. Coming in after lights out without my bed being mad and being so tired that I just fall asleep in my clothes on the mattress. There’s somethign really special about being that tired. You can be stressed out and Jesus’d all day, but then when you finally go to sleep, if you’re THAT tired, it’s a good feeling instead of a bad feeling, because you know you actually did something.

7. DO SOMETHING. Lay verb training. It is incredibly too easy to get caught up in TALKING about things. Talking is great, but talking about showing people how you love them doesn’t show them. Talking about feeding the hungry doesn’t feed them. Talking about doing anything doesn’t get it done. That’s why I love Lay Verb Training (formerly known as “Lay Speaking Training”, ironically enough). WE call it “Lay Verb Training” because you can just cross out “Speaking” and put any verb there. Lay Feeding Ministry. Lay Listening Ministry. Lay Hugging Ministry. I drove past my church this week and the marquee said “Everything we do is ministry.” At first, I thought it was somethign cute to say about our church, but I realized that it can go in a different way. Everything we do is ministry. Everything we talk about different. It’s the doing point that you gotta worry about. And I like SLT, because I feel like we’re doing something, even when we have to go through that talking stage.

8. Attending Midwinter. Before I was even on SLT, I loved SLT. My last pre-SLT Midwinter was Go Deep and God was working in my life more ways than I could tell until two year later almost. That weekend was where I recieved my 3rd or 4th text into ministry (elaboration or explanation available upon request). It was also the weekend I met Ethan Gregory (even though I had no idea how great that was yet). AND the weekend I met Carly Payne (even thoughI didn’t know  how great that was yet). AND I met Shawnee Davis (even though I didn’t know how great that was yet).

9. We don’t like each other’s clothes or shoes (unless they’re TOMS, of course). We don’t even like each other’s haircuts or anything…we like eachother’s Bibles. “Ohh, I like your Bible! Does it have mapa in the back!?…JEALOUS!”

10. We always get fed pretty well. I’ve never gone hungry at an SLT event (except 30 Hour Famine).

11. Being a coalition with Miller Chadwick Jarrell and Carly Allison Payne.

12. Learning people’s middle names.

13. My only knowledge of the geography of Texas is based on which direction different SLT friends live.

14. I like hypothetically marrying people. It’s more fun with SLT kids, because you get to pick a bride, a groom and a minister. [Ethan doesn’t like this game, but Kevin does.]

15. “What’s your favorite Bible verse?” (Officer FAQ) 🙂

16. Popcorn adjectives as a birthday gift.

17. John Wesley references and quotes…and driving to Dallas to see WESLEY.

18. Making t-shirts.

19. Taking pictures.

20. Acronyms buzzing throughout every conversation in the room.

21. “You might be a methodork…”

22. Being one of Methodism’s Most Wanted (I swear I got that hymnal at a garage sale!)

23. Church creeping, duh.

24. When you’re with SLT, you’re weird if you DON’T want to be ordained. Not many circles roll that way.

25. This one is the most important. Each one of these kiddos (yeah, kiddos is an appropriate word, I’ve decided.) carries God around with them like a little balloon that follows them everywhere they go. And when they’re all together the whole room feels like it’s a little bit higher from all the helium.


2 thoughts on “25 things I love about SLT

  1. SLT is an awesome thing, and it suits you well! I am curious about the elaboration on the number of texts you got to ministry.
    You were hypothetically marrying people even before SLT as I recall…


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