Redefine. (Part II)

      My Bible study group (aka my wonderful favorites at SSUMC) is currently split boys and girls doing a book study. The girls are reading Redfining Beautiful.

    The book has a couple of awkward make-up metaphors for life, but I like it all the same. it talks a lot about being unique as a child of God and how Beautiful isn’t something we see at all, but it’s what He sees when He sees us. Tonight we talked about God, Dads, and boys. And how the three of them tie together.

    God. God loves you. Even if your hair doesn’t fall the same way everyday. Even if you forget to put on deodorant. Even if you’re just flat out weird (like you might point to your nose in reference to yourself, or you might laugh like a pterodactyl). One chapter is even called “Weird is Beautiful.” It’s almost funny how often we forget how much God really does love us. I think that’s why we remind those we love of our affection everytime we get off the phone or run to the grocery store-it’s just esay to forget. So in case you haven’t heard it today, I’m gonna tell you: God loves you. A lot. More. Than. You. Will. Ever. Truly. Know. Really.  Any time you feel any differently, it’s time to hear it again and redefine what you see when you think God.

     Dads. I love my dad. Not only that, but I really like me dad. He taught me how to not break a computer, how to be the best at garage sailing and made fun of everything in my life since the day I was born. I always kind of thought of my dad as not even part of the equation, but more of a page number. Extremely inexpendable, dependable, and often overlooked. It never really hit me until tonight that not everybody has an awesome dad like I do. I mean, I always knew. but it hadn’t ever hit me. So  that kind of redfined what it really means to have a super dad.

    Boys. We’ve pretty much established that boys are stupid and we should throw rocks at them. But beyond that, some boys aren’t the boys we need to be within rock throwing distance of. in the book, Jenna talks about how all she wanted was a boyfriend, and when she finally got this wonderful boyfriend, she dropped other things for him. But then he moved away. She was devastated and it took her years to realize that a boyfriend wasn’t what she needed during that time in her life. I think that’s kind of cool. because she was almost redfining her past. She was taking what had happened and finding the God in it, where she missed the God the first time around.

So, I like this book so far. And I’m really excited for the rest of our study. That’s the end of my cool story.


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