God is good because *LOUD NOISES!*

       A few days ago, my Twin was at the State Fair. She called me to tell me about a booth she saw. It was run by a Christrian group made up of several denominations telling small children about the rapture and how God stretch their legs to be the same size when they were at summer camp. I kind of laughed.

“One leg was two inches shorter than the other, but then right there at that camp that night God PULLLLLEDDDD two more inches outta me!”

Sign me up for Glen Lake.

      She told me about the terrified looks on the children’s faces and said “I just wanted to tell them ‘THAT’S IT! YOU’RE NOT SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST! YOU’RE JUST BEING SCARY!!”‘

    Today I was cruising through YouTube and I came across an entire community I had never seen. It was Athiests and Christians going on a neverending tirade of Questions No Athiest/Christian Could Ever Answer. Why doesn’t God heal amputees? Where did we come from? Why did 9/11 happen? Why are planets round? Everything comes from Nothing. Everythign comes from God. Nothing comes from Nothing. God comes from God.

   I’m on the debate team. I just started preparing to do Cross-Examination (CX) with my friend John. Basically, one team gets up and talks and the other team tries to ask them questions that make them stupid and then say “Ok cool.”

    Sometimes I feel like I should be saying “Let’s still be friends” instead of “Ok cool.”

   While practicing the other day, this conversation happened;

John: Can you read the end of the Bandow card?

Val: We’re not Bejing’s neighbor

Marianne: Wouldn’t Jesus say everyone is our neighbor?

       I might not be cut out for debate.  But I am cut out for Jesus, I know that for truth at this point.

       Why do we feel like we have to trip people up? Why do we want to scare people?

        I’ve been thinking about what “Good News” actually means. Is it just the flip side to the Bad News? If I make NOT believing in God sound terrifying enough, will you change your mind? If I make you feel stupid, will you go along with what I say? I want you to feel God, but that’s not what that is. I want you to have that moment when your heart feels bigger, like at the end of How The Grinch Stole Christmas when his face lights up and he realizes how much joy there was waiting for him all along. That really is what it feels like. I want that for you.

        Let’s still be friends.


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