Journey: The Filter

What do you want to be along the way?

At my Beautiful Bible Study this week, we created mission statements. Wendie told us that they had to be simple enough that a 12 year old could understand it and that you had to be able to recite it at gun point. Hers is: To believe, create and illuminate hope in God’s community. Tough act to follow.

We all took a sheet of verbs, wrote our name at the top and passed them around. And we picked verbs that described each other. Then when we got our papers back, we picked our own, selecting the ones that we strive for, or do or just are. Then we had to pick our value. Then we had to pick who or what we were going to do these things for, with or about.

I ended up with: To embrace, brighten, and influence the Life of God’s children.


Something that I’ve discovered about myself is that i can’t stand intolerance. Carly thinks this is hilarious, but it is so true. No matter what it is, when people don’t like each other…I don’t like it. Judging people on their beliefs or other aspects of their life in a negative way is just something I don’t like to see. I really think that anyone and every one is a potential friend for life, no matter how they are when you meet them or what they have been like before. So, one of my big things is to embrace people. The whole “it doesn’t matter where you came from or what’s happened to you- you deserve a hug” thing is my thing. Everyone was made to embrace and be embraced, that is a big enough thing to have in common that you can’t overlook it for anything else.


I’ll own up to it; I love the attention. And I was very little when I realized how easy it is to engage or enchant someone when you’re excited and happy about being with them. Throughout my life, this has evolved into I love of making people happy. There’s a reason I laugh at people laughing, even if I don’t know what’s funny. I love brighten someone’s day, or making someone smile, or cheering someone up, or any kind of happiness or giggling or fun. So that’s another thing. I love to brighten. I need to brighten. I figure that we are all called to spread God’s love to those around us. The best way I know how to do that is making people happy, even if it’s something as silly as:

A bear walks into the McDonalds and says, “Can I have a Big….Mac?” and the man at the register says, “What’s with the big pause?” and the bear answers, “I’m a bear…” as he raises his paws. šŸ™‚

That’s my thing.


I just generally want to make a difference. That’s all I really have to say about it. And if I, Marianne Brown can only come up with this much, you know it’s simple.

The Life of God’s Children

There’s a reason I say “the life” instead of “the lives.” I think that we are so closely connected, and that we are made to relate with each other, therefore we’ve all kind of got the same life. And God’s children is everybody. Some people might tell you differently, but it’s everybody.

To have a mission statement, or something similar, is a way to measure yourself. To see if you’re doing what you need to be doing. Wendie says it gives her permission to say no to anything that doesn’t fit into believing, creating, and illuminating hope in God’s community. If it doesn’t embrace, brighten or influence – I probably can find something better.

This maybe not be the best way to start talking about a Journey, but it’s important all the same. You need a filter. Something to keep you on track. You don’t want to end up in the bike lane.



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