Journey: Ducks in a Shark Tank

Where are you comfortable?

This picture (the second in my series of Journey Photos) was taken from the passenger seat of my dad’s car as we were driving to Dallas to spend the day at SMU. We took a tour and talked with professors and admissions counselors and all that fun stuff. This was not a very long time after the infamous Wesleyan Day.

The movie Wesley (based on the private journals of John and Charles Wesley) was playing at the Lakewood in Dallas. Being who we are, my Methodork friends and I had to be there. Carly was driving around Dallas that morning while I was still in Arlington getting my tires fixed. She called me and said she was in Dallas but didn’t really know where she was. Hearing these words sends things through my brain thatI would rather not have in my brain.

“Look for museums..and fountains! When you find some, STAY THERE. And don’t talk to strangers. And don’t get out of the car if you don’t have to.”

“You’re like little baby ducklings in a shark tank. You aren’t in Glen Rose. I mean it.” I am worried.

Carly, on the other hand, went with Emily and Andy to explore Dallas and they found a tiny cafe and a baby clothes store. Then later, she and i were lost and she remembered where we were from her earlier adventure, saving us from dying on the side of the highway. I can only assume that would’ve been the outcome.

We talk a lot about Risk Taking Missions and Service, because it’s a Fruitful Practice. And we heart Fruitful Practices because they sound delicious and look exciting and are thought-provoking. And we love to say that God calls us out of our comfort zones to help others and to share his love with people near and far and places we didn’t know existed. That is delicious and exciting and thought-provoking.

But Carly is a good example. Why can’t we hop out of our comfort zone to grow ourselves? We might never truly get anywhere (or get back home for that matter) if we don’t explore and discover things that are farther away than we’d like to be. I think that everyone’s journey should involve a certain amount of “Look over there!” or “We’re lost…that’s ok.”

Isn’t that kind of what our conference is doing? Even Marianne Brown who loves changing things (I suggested at the last Agenda Committee Meeting that AC be a lock-in!) is a kind of like “Not so sure about this.” Sure, some aspects of what is happening is concerning, but we have to learn our way around. We might even find a cafe and a baby clothes shop.

So, my Journey advice for this one is: Take part in some Risk-Taking Growth. Don’t panic if you aren’t sure. And find your way back Home with your new knowledge.  Branch out, get lost, and learn something.



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