Newspaper essay

My newspaper is something very close to my heart. As Editor-In-Chief, I am there for my staffers every step of the way in the process of journalism. I am always there to bounce possible interview questions off of, answer AP style queries or just be a human thesaurus. I am very passionate about the need for a student-run newspaper. It benefits the whole school. The newspaper staff learns to investigate, communicate face-to-face with an interviewee, and report the news in an objective way. newspaper has done wonders for my writing, speaking, and reading abilities. I have been involved in this publication for my entire high school career thus far–I am now a junior. Countless hours of the past years have been spilled over my passion for my newspaper staff. One work night I was at school until 11:55 the night before my birthday. It didn’t bother me, because it is what i love and what I feel compelled to do. However, it is not easily accomplished.

Our publications department doesn’t receive any funds from the school. We struggle behind out-dated computers that sputter and shut off unexpectedly. it is not uncommon for be to be at school until midnight fiddling with the layout of our next issue, as the computer freezes or turns off. in my three years on staff, I have only sent one issue to print in its entirety. We often have to cut quality articles because we are not financially able to print them. It is so disheartening to have to go to my staff as their Editor-In-Chief and tell them that everything they’re doing is right, but it’s just not going to work out money-wise. It breaks my heart to work so hard and be held back by financial obstacles.

With this generous donation, our newspaper staff could flourish into a thriving publication. We could replace our out-of-date cameras and computers. We have been working very hard on creating an online supplement to our paper to usher our publication into the technological era. With more financial support, we could buy a video camera and extend into broadcast journalism. We would finally have the opportunity to show the school–and those beyond our school–what we can really do as a staff. We have very talented photographers, speakers and videographers whose talents would truly shine with the launch of an online paper.

Our school would be brought together significantly by a stronger newspaper program. Our publication takes all the pieces of the public high school experience and collaborates them into one newspaper, the never-ending story of our school. With more adequate resources, our paper could be more effective in this aspect. We could reach even more students and report on even more news, making our student body more informed sand cohesive. No where else can the captain of the UIL Ready Writing Team be a page away from a state-qualifying pole-vaulter. Our school’s sense of community would be enhanced greatly by the extension of our journalism department.


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