Take Back The 20? Take A Step Back Instead


In our lives we are plagued by the constant need to make choices. We can always choose to hate, to be violent (or to suggest violence), to blame, to hurt, and to be generally ugly. We can also choice to be apologetic, to be kind, to be caring, and to be loving. That being said, I am very disturbed by events of this past weekend described in the article posted above. Chronologically in my upset, violent imagery and suggestively violent diction–no matter the intent–is wrong. It is unclassy. It is hateful. It is often uttered by people who wonder the problem with American youth. I feel like if people were more careful about what they said and did (or had a little debater follow them around dismantling their every verbal faux pas), we would all be a little better off. If you don’t intend to shoot people, don’t put cross hairs on the map. That is unnecessary violence being brought to the table. Politics should be the sport of caring, intellectual, people who can deal with conflict in an adult manner.  If you are going to solve your problem with “The 20” like an 8 year old boy hyped up on Mountain Dew and Call of Duty, then I can’t respect your ability to lead any portion of the country. If I’m alone in that, then I’ll be even more upset then I was when I started. Secondly, the shooting itself is an unspeakable tragedy for our country, and I’d like to ask your prayers for the victims, families, and constituents affected by it. That being said, this is not the time to assign blame. Six people are dead and you are arguing over a matter of clip art? Six people are dead and all that you can bring yourself to do is point fingers in either direction and yell?  Six people are dead and you are running frantically around your office shutting down websites and Facebook groups? That’s what really makes me sick. We are spewing out these and thats about how “Crazy isn’t ideology” and this man was “crazy and evil” we aren’t like him. We are beautiful, wonderful, blameless, shameless Americans. Don’t get mad at us. It hurts to see that even in the face of devastation, we can still make it all about us. Six people died this weekend and I really feel like it’s not all about you. It’s not all about your Congressional seat. It’s not all about the political affiliations of anyone involved. It’s not even about whether or not you are among the ‘involved’. Believe it or not, it’s bigger than that.


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