Lovable Things

Everyone loves Easter. It’s a beautiful time full of candy, bright colors, and general excitement over new life and baby animals. Easter is joyous because it represents Jesus rising from the dead after dying for our sins. Although this is REALLY BIG and REALLY EXCITING (much like the egg pictured above), it can leave us a bit dumb-founded (much like the Marianne pictured above).

Then past week has been extremely trying for me. It included a seemingly never-ending stream of disappointment in the human race. This is hard for me in particular, because one of the biggest things that keeps me going in life is my belief that no matter what a person does or says, they are a beautiful, precious child, and even if it is harder to find, there is something about everyone that makes them lovable and wonderful. Some people were especially resistant to showing me their beautiful, precious, lovable, wonderful things this week. There’re the kids who refuse to come to tutoring for the AP test that I’ve seen our teachers work really hard on preparing materials for, and then coming to class complaining about not being ready for the test. There’re the kids and adults who hear something through the grapevine and take it to be indisputable fact, but refuse to believe anything in the newspaper. There’re the people who are rude and mean and hurtful, and it seems like they do it only for the sake of being rude and mean and hurtful. And weeks like this are really hard for someone like me who basically can basically only hold onto one thing at the end of the day: that God loves us, and made us to be lovable.

Thinking back on this week, I realize something. I’m not always the one who is forgiven. It’s easy to accept that God will forgive you for what you have done because you spend the hours when you can’t sleep thinking about these things, and eventually we come to terms with our own forgivedness. It is also–harder to do, but–easier to understand that we are called to forgive others. Our  whole lives we are told to take the high road and be the bigger person and forgive other people because we are forgiven. But isn’t the redemption of someone else just as beautiful as your own? Forgiving someone else doesn’t always feel like a spiritual revolution, but maybe it should be a bigger deal for us.

In the spirit of Easter, of new life, and of sugar, I’m going to make cookies for the people who have upset me this week–to show them that I am looking for their lovable things, to hope that they will see one of mine, to forgive them for whatever they did to me, to ask that they forgive me for whatever I did to them, and to make this redemption between new friends a celebration of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. As the whispered discussion in the youth pew goes: “We have to be kind and tenderhearted, then if we turn into friends, we’ll go from there.”

I can only hope that the people I have upset will continue to look for the lovable things we all have for each other to find, and that I haven’t ruined their Holy Week.


One thought on “Lovable Things

  1. You are a wise, wonderful and loving young woman. I wish I could tell you that it will make everyone treat you as such, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t. All we can do is try to love them anyway and forgive them when they are mean. Remember that forgiving them does not have to mean forgetting what they have done or being friends with them. There are several people who were once a part of my life that I’ve forgiven for what they’ve done to me, however for my own emotional and spiritual well-being, I choose not to have them in my life.
    If I was going to be at church on Sunday, I’d give you the biggest hug ever, but since I’m working out at Scarborough this season, ya’ll won’t see me until the beginning of June, so I’m sending you virtual hugs instead! ❤ Raenell

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