Play nice.

Today I was listening to This American Life. It was a segment on politics in Wisconsin. Funding of public education has completely changed the face of the Wisconsin. May of this year, two women sat outside a doctor’s office collecting signatures to recall Julie Lassa, a congresswoman, forcing her to rerun for her seat in the middle of her term after she flew to Idaho to avoid voting on a piece of controversial legislation. The middle-aged women were there behind a folding table every night for three hours, and a good portion of the day on Saturdays. Rain, sleet or snow for months. When NPR was out there recording them, a woman drove by and yelled “I LOVE JULIE LASSA!!” One of the women only had this to say:

“I don’t not love her. I think she’s a great mom.”

This woman was so passionate about getting Julie Lassa out of office that she dedicated hours and days and months to getting enough signatures to get her out of office. And yet, she still admired her for being a great mom. This is startling to me, but refreshing.

So often we see they  people for what think or what they vote on or what icon is on their facebook, but we so often overlook the things that they are. So many people are great moms, and we’re missing out on that, because we don’t want them to be good.

But I think that everyone has a great mom quality about them that makes them admirable. And everyone has a policy or a belief or a standard that I can agree with and stand up for. I also think it’s a shame to miss out on any of that for the petty matters.


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