The Holy Macarena-VBS adventures


Vacation Bible School is an extremely special thing. I still sing a VBS song every time I spell “Christian.” And I couldn’t even read when I learned it.
I used to think I was helping with VBS to give back to the world all the effort that was spent on my C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N education growing up. So, everytime I stapled my finger while turning the narthex into a bat cave, every time I came home covered in marshmellow gunk or glitter glue or just general toddler gunk, every time I compromised my dignity as a totally awesome teenagaer who was way too cool for silly hats and decorating cookies and dancing in circles…all if that was because someone else did it for me.
But I soon evolved from feeling that way. It was more like being part of a legacy. Like my efforts ensured that this ministry would continue living and growing and I was partially to thank for that.
But this year, I was put with the oldest group. Let’s face it, upper-elementary school kids are just too tradgically cool for glitter glue and the Holy Macarena. So the past three nights have been rough for me, someone who, let’s face it, is too tadgically lame for anything besides VBS. I spent two exhausting nights with mostly boys who would rather throw hymnals than dance. But tonight, after having a heart-to-hearts conversation (and Mr Anderson came in….) They all sang and danced liked you wouldn’t believe. Truly heart-happying if you ask me.
I get more out if it now than I did when I was little. Seeing kids so filled with such a simple live and emitting such a simple faith reminds me that it is all simple.
VBS is as important to me as it is to the kids. I couldn’t write and read about all the awful things I have the past two days with out the little fourth and fifth grade hope glitters dancing around my life each night. How faith-stretching it is to be a part of such a precious experience. To witness such a large Witness from such small witnesses doesn’t quite feel like a sacrifice or a service, but more a blessing. VBS Sunday is my fourth favorite Sunday (behind Youth Sunday, Easter Sunday and Palm/pancake Sunday) for a reason. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us the rest of this week.


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