Bigger Shoes to Fill

Recently, Blake Mycoskie has has been in the news after speaking at a Focus on Family event. Focus on the Family is said to be ” anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-evolution–basically anti-everything a lot of TOMS wearers believe in.” Mycoskie claimed he didn’t realize the beliefs of FOTF and wouldn’t have arranged the speaking engagement if he had.

Lots of columnists and bloggers aren’t buying it, citing the fact that he also spoke at Abilene Chrisitan University.  ACU refused students who wanted to start a Gay-Straight Alliance on campus earlier this year, making them part of a larger problem in many Christian schools.  A lot of these writers have accused TOMS and Mycosckie of being Anti-Gay and hiding a political agenda under canvas, vegan wraps.

I just ordered some new TOMS. A sweatshirt, too, even. Here’s why I’m still on the one-for-one boat:

I guess my issue in all of this stems from several branches. First of all, I honestly think that Blake Mycoskie wants to puts shoes (and now glasses) on kids who need them. Somebody who has taken that kind of calling and turned it into something so prolific is someone that I have a lot of respect for to begin with. As my mom put it in a text message to me earlier today: “I say: who cares? He and everybody else all want the little kids to have shoes.”

And, really, she’s got us there. They all want the little kids to have shoes.

Not to be confusing. There is nothing that hurts my heart and head and stomach at the same time like intolerance. As Carly Payne mocks me for sounding like: “I CAN’T STAND INTOLERANCE!” But seriously. I think that people who hate others and want to ‘fix’ people because their sexual orientation are the ones who could use a little fixing. No one deserves to be treated like they are less of a person than any one else, and everyone should be welcomed to walk along our journey to a better Kingdom.

That being said, I think that people who have different beliefs than I do deserve the exact same benefit–the ability to walk along on our journey to a better Kingdom. In this case, I would have to say that what TOMS are good shoes to wear and a good step on that walk. (Please excuse the cheesy picture that paints).

Let the little kids have shoes. Let us get closer on our walk to a better Kingdom. Let us take everyone we can find–regardless of sexual orientation, but also regardless or beliefs otherwise–with us on our walk.

We’ve all got a little bit of Jesus. And I think our cross is best carried together if we can manage not to elbow each other in the eye.

It’s not worth the argument. I’ve got bigger shoes to fill.


One thought on “Bigger Shoes to Fill

  1. You make a wonderful point. I think it’s also best to remember that WE are not the ones who get to choose who all is truly part of that better Kingdom, God is the only one who will ultimately make that decision, and our job is to love and support the ones who need our love and support, regardless of their sexual orientation, belief system, race, or anything else.

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