Forgive is a verb

I think sometimes we get forgiveness wrong. When someone hurts us, we initially get angry or upset. We hate and fume and hurt and besmirch and whisper and yell and we just DO a lot of things to let everyone else know that we have been treated poorly.

We SAY things that are hurtful. We DO things that cause others pain. We employ the nearest verbs to unleash our inner hurt and everyone around us. Anger is an extremely active thing.

Sometimes when we picture forgiveness, we see the kicking and screaming anger and we think “just not that.”

We say that we have to be the better person and let it go.


But I don’t think it has anything to do with that.
Recently, I’ve been picturing forgiveness more like my anger and hurt and sadness being completely eclipsed by something bigger.

Forgiveness isn’t necessarily about not being hurt by what people have done to you. I think Forgiveness is when God’s love running through you is so great and so quick and so extreme, that it completely overshadows anything else.

Forgiveness isn’t about holding your tongue or squeezing your fingers into your palm so that you don’t paint a picture of anger.  Forgiveness isn’t about NOT doing anything. Forgiving is a verb in its own right.

Proverbs 10:12 tells us that Love covers all wrongs.

Covering wrongs isn’t about hiding how they make you feel, it’s about being more love than wrong. LOVING more than HURTING. It is an active choice on your part.

Forgiveness isn’t about holding back hate, it’s about letting love out.


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