Don’t Ask, Don’t Tweet.

“in my professional opinion, as an old, straight, bald guy, who has served 35 years in the military, is that #DADT actually takes away from military readiness.” -Col Dennis Laich

“Today America is a little more free. Thanks for all who helped get this done and thank you Mr. President for your leadership.” #DADT

@UnvirtuousAbbey: For those who exercise their freedoms by denying freedom to those who protect it, we pray to the Lord.

I want to know why it’s okay to treat people that way. It’s disrespectful, unappreciative and ignorant. In a public debate, he has a right to ask a question. And as someone who works everyday to protect not only America, but citizens of the world, he deserves to be treated with at least as much courtesy as the people in that room. Any DADT opinions aside, a political debate is not at a high school pep rally, there should be the smallest amount of decorum presented there.


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