A Conversation on Open Doors

This is a sestina I wrote in creative writing. It’s written from the perspective of a visitor at a church with two stanzas as the church’s response to her intrusion. I thought it took an interesting form. Let me know your thoughts!


A Conversation on Open Doors

They say we are called–

drawn together to break barriers

and spur on one another

toward out goal of grace.

Our doors are always open;

our hearts are filled with love.


And yet I searched for love,

and when I finally called,

their mouths fell wide open.

Only trembling hands made barrier

as their sharp opinions graced

my ears–and I am just another.


As so many have been “just another.”

And not just another stranger to love,

but rather one to force-feed grace.

Because we are called

to keep our sins inside our barriers

and to save those who live in the open.


Their eyes pop so far open

I think I need to get them another

pair–one with sunglasses as a barrier

to protect their gaze from my gaudy love

as I answer  my son who called

during church, disrupting their grace.


She walks in with no grace.

She leaves her shirt buttoned open.

She looks like an escort men called

only to ask the service for another.

She prances around pushing her “love,”

She would be better behind barriors.


Their comfort zone has mile-high barriers.

I knocked in serach of grace

but found superficial love

through the door they would not open.

Oh well, maybe I’ll find another.

Tell God I called.


Oh God, you love with no barriers.

We are called to dispense your grace,

but your child was too open, please send another. 


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