The Difference Between a Rebel and A Punk

     It is a common theme in ministry (especially youth ministry) that I’ve noticed. A lot of people who work with young people want to be wild, unconventional, unpredictable, radical and love-driven. The people who are creative and off-the-wall are awesome and exciting. Even though sometimes they make things stressful for the structured, scheduled, curriculum writers of the world, they are an important part of youth ministry. 

    However, there is a danger in both of these. Just like some structured, scheduled people in ministry can become detached from the true “experience” or the “letting the Spirit move you” way of thinking, those who are more off-the-cuff or unconventional [this is phrased this way because there are those who are off-the-cuff and those who are unconventional, they are not mutually exclusive nor are they synonymous.] can become hypercritical or stagnant. Out of fear of being ordinary, we can miss out on being logical. And when we see “typical youth ministry” occurring, we can talk ourselves into not taking an active role in that experience. 

   My suggestion is that we learn from each other, we take turns and we help each other out even when we don’t agree. When you really look at it, isn’t that what you would want your youth to do?


[Dsclaimer: this post is not to be taken as an indication of how Midwinter went. Midwinter was AWESOME.]


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