#saveyourtweets #saidnooneever #exceptnot

“My talent is to speak my mind, God won’t mind if I bury that talent.” -John Wesley

There is so much pressure to spit things out. You have to teach class everyday, you have to have a sermon prepared every week, you have to have all the answers for everyone who asks (and even those who don’t). And, we all know, that the vitality of a ministry is directly correlated to the number of tweets and blog posts done by its ministers. #exceptnot

To share what I recently found out was from the Simpsons, you are a human being, not a human doing. Your words, no matter how many of them you can provide, will never be sufficient to god or to any one else. There are so many other ways to provide grace, comfort and love to each other than by fulfilling minimum word counts.

Say what the Spirit gives to you, and when it doesn’t bring words, follow its motions instead.