Socially Just Youth Ministry WINS: $1 Water Bottles






I’m taking part in an AWESOME Lenten adventure with Leanne, Jarrod and some great college friends. WE are studying the Social Principles and helping each other find new ways to use them in our ministry settings. So I’ve decided to make this helpful conversation even more helpful by sharing the easiest and most important highlights for youth workers. 



If you buy a pack of waters for your youth event from WalMart, you will pay 40 cents for each bottle. But to hydrate one youth on a hot day for a little over an hour would take three bottles, which already costs more than buying a reusable bottle. 

I got these during our Spring Break Mission Trip at Target from the dollar section:




I know most of us get reusable bottles on Mission Trips, but having reusable bottles or cups for even on-campus events and weekly programming could make a huge difference for us in trying to be better stewards of our funds and our environment. 

AND on top of that, you are able to fight for justice by discouraging the privatization of water and the slavery or unfair working conditions that can be employed somewhere along the line your water travels down. 

You can learn more about bottled water here.

You can read the Social Principles here.

And you can get cute and cheap water bottles at Target. 🙂